"No matter how successful you are, your business and its future are in the hands of the people you hire."

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About Audodus

Founded in 2011, we have been providing a deliberately remarkable tool/platform to help your businesses becoming more successful as well as to get rid of your business pain points.

Here at Audodus, we are a specialist firm to consult and supply you the candidate who best fits your criteria. The next big thing happening with our recruitment platform! Currently, we are beginning a new recruitment program to find qualified IT employees to suit your business needs.

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Find out the slick and right solution for your problems and resolve this ongoing matter. We are a trusted adviser.


We can supply you the candidate who best fits your criteria. Let's simplify your HR work with our platform.

Web Application

We are skillful development team. We do use Go, Python, Java, NodeJS, React, Angular, Vue and much more.

Cloud Computing

Our platform runs on cloud. So, you just sign up and then all services are ready for your crucial tasks/activities.

AI as a Service

At Audodus, we create our own AI engine (which differentiate us from the market) to perform and run the relevant tasks.

API as a Service

You can use the Open API we provide to integrate and collaborate with your legacy softwares/applications.

Android App

Both Kotlin and Java are used to build a piece of art and yet vastly useful mobile apps for your needs.

iOS App

Using Swift, we make the high quality and incredibly fast iOS apps that can lift your business to the next level.


Audodus Assessment Platform (AAP)

Very often, it is difficult and time consuming to find the best IT employee to fulfill your requirements. When you start screening and interviewing candidates in order to identify the right one, it seems like you are looking at a maze through which you have to find a way out.
Moreover, when you try to use the IT outsourcing services available in today’s market, you may not be satisfied or they may be unable to meet your business needs like employee qualifications, budget, and contract period.

"From now on, we can change your perspective with our program to resolve this ongoing matter."

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